On the operation of massively multiplayer online games.
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  • Insert Saddle Metaphor Here

    Posted on May 15th, 2010 Bryant

    Yep, it still works. Neat.

    I’m a year or so into the new job, which still rocks, and for various and sundry reasons it’s a good time to start blogging about geeky MMO operations stuff again. Excellent. Quick note on policy, here: I’m not going to talk about where I am and I’m going to steer clear of talking about what we’re doing, because we’re not ready to talk about it yet and because I am explicitly and emphatically not speaking for the company in any way, shape or form. I’m not keeping my employer a secret — y’all know how to use LinkedIn, right? — but I’m keeping some separation in order to, well, keep some separation.

    Mostly I’m just jazzed to be talking about the stuff I love again.


    3 responses to “Insert Saddle Metaphor Here”

    1. Rob Basler

      Yay! Welcome back. Your other articles were really interesting.

    2. Hooray!

    3. Very very glad to see this pop up, and I’m looking forward to seeing things resume.

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