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  • Whoops

    Posted on April 23rd, 2009 Bryant

    Brief hiatus here, cause, um, I just got a job! Which is ducky. But I do want to figure out if there’s any company policy on blogging, etc. on the better safe than sorry theory.

    Great timing, huh? I can’t really find it in myself to complain, however.


    9 responses to “Whoops”

    1. Well, that’s certainly good news. Just found your blog via Massively the other day, so I’ll be disappointed if you can’t talk specifics about your job, but I’m sure you could possibly theory-craft on current events without breaking NDAs. That’d be a great read by itself. 🙂

      ‘grats again on the job.

    2. Congratulations! I look forward to the question of blogging getting resolved, and maybe even hearing where you’re at (I can’t push that one too much, though, or you might try to turn it around on me). 🙂

    3. Congrats!

    4. Midpoint

      D’oh! I was really starting to enjoy this, it’s a fascinating read!

    5. David

      Congrats! Hopefully it will not hinder your prose.

    6. Congratulations on the blog and new job! I hope you get to keep posting!

    7. Aw, I finally got through reading your posts. Most enlightened companies don’t mind people blogging, so hopefully you’ll get the all-clear sign soon!

    8. Congratulations!
      Would be a shame if you stopped writing.

    9. Chris Ennen

      Did you ever find out if you could ever blog again?

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