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    Posted on April 3rd, 2012 Bryant

    I’d been leaning towards OpenStack for my private clouds; it’s not entirely production-ready yet, but with Dell, HP, and Rackspace behind it I had high hopes. But Citrix just fully open-sourced CloudStack. As Lydia Leong notes, this changes the calculus a bit.

    She mentions HP’s cloud efforts, but I’m going to be watching Dell. I think Rob Hirschfeld’s Crowbar project is going to hit the sweet spot for people who want to deploy private clouds. They’re deeply involved in the OpenStack community; still, stability is attractive.

    And while I’m reading Lydia’s blog, she’s right about the Eucalyptus/EC2 API license. You don’t see anyone claiming that Google+’s API (whenever it shows up) needs to be compatible with Facebook’s API in order to succeed.


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    1. Hi Bryant,

      I’d love to walk you through CloudStack and get you connected with some of the developers. I’m one of the founders of Cloud.com, and run CloudStack customer engagements at Citrix. Feel free to email me at shannon(dot)williams@citrix(dot)com if you’ve got any questions or want to get a walk through. I also know a couple big CloudStack fans at Dell if you’d like an intro.


    2. As a recent new participant in the cloud space I’m still taking it all in — specifically I joined Piston Cloud in November to head up Customer Care.

      I’ve also only heard good things about Crowbar.

      Juju also looks promising as an orchestration layer. It’s particularly interesting to me as it has cloud primitives. https://launchpad.net/juju

      I agree that the EC2 API license is a non-event. Amazon ever doing anything to restrict its API compatibility would be self-harming, and OpenStack already has a solid implementation commercially supported by Piston Cloud and Canonical.

      OpenStack may not be production downloaded off the web today, but ourselves and a few others have production ready OpenStack products and services. It won’t take long for all of us contributors to solidify the core through our contributions back, and continue to dig deep into interesting challenges that meet the needs of a broader community (than some of the stacks).

    3. Bryant

      Lloyd — I think the orchestration layer is one of the most important parts. Being able to deploy across public and private clouds with minimal pain is key. I’ll have to take a look at Juju in that regard.

      I will admit I’m cheering for OpenStack just because I like seeing two strong competitors even in the open source space. (E.g., I like that both puppet and chef are out there.) If the open sourcing of CloudStack helps push OpenStack development that’s a win, and I imagine OpenStack is part of why CloudStack is open.

      Shannon — I have in fact done a small CloudStack deploy back when I was at ZeniMax and it wasn’t a Citrix project. I should do another one now that I have some free time on my hands and I can; I’ll ping you if I have any questions, definitely.

    4. You’re writing again! EXCELLENT.

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